benetton show

Hey guys! How are you? Me, I'm doing well, can't wait for holidays. I love Xmas, and this year I can really feel the magic. Little traditions like shopping in Duomo with mum, the biting cold breeze on the cheeks, the smell of roast chestnuts, the lights, all those different people smiling, laughing, trembling with the cold, with tons of colorful bags.
AND I have to bake the perfect gingerbread cookies. I say it every single year but I've never done it, so this year it's a deal.
Beside my Xmas delirium, here some pics taken backstage at the Benetton show in Treviso some days ago. It had been a very nice experience and I got the chance to meet very nice ppl, yes!
Now getting ready for tonite, Cavalli!



Jacket Zara, Knitwear Zara, Tee/Dress from USA, Shoes Zara, Rings Tiffany and Breil

Off for castings.


versace for H&M

HI! Here some of my favorite pieces from Versace for H&M collection. Not sure if I love it or not. What do you think about it? Later.


pierre balmain

Yesterday in a spare white showroom on the Rue Réaumur, Balmain debuted their lower priced collection Pierre Balmain.
After the NY adventures of Abbey Lee and Our Mountains, her real life bf's band, showing the platinum girl as they frolic around Brooklyn and Manhattan, wrapped up in the coolest rock'n'rad clothes ever, finally the line! What's your opinion? What are you gonna buy? Personally, I am loving the black outfit, black pants, black shirt etc..plus the leather jacket and the printed tee.


new in

 New babies! I love'em. Can't wait to wear them tonight at VFNO in Milan. See you in Via Della Spiga 33, at Mercatino Michela, second hand luxury shop. Have a wonderful day of FNO prep :)

Nuove! Le amo, non vedo l'ora di metterle stasera alla VFNO a Milano. Ci vediamo in Via Della Spiga 33 al negozio Mercatino Michela, boutique di abiti second hand delle migliori marche. Una buona giornata di preparazione alla Fashion Night Out a tutti! :)


guess who's back

Hi everyone! How are you doing? I am gonna be boring, I know, I am aware. Are y'all ready? I AM SORRY! Yes, you heard it! I am so so so sorry for not blogging since...ehm...(I think I need more dots). I know I said: "Hell yeah, it's summer. School's out, I have plenty of time to start blogging more (or less) seriously!" It never happened. Je suis desolée, deeply, truly.

Anyway, moving on, I am back. I missed writing on this blog. A lot. I have tons of news to share, such as new job, new school, new life! I am in a very happy period of my life. I started to do what I love, what I want, there is something new and exciting everyday and even if I am busy, I feel so free and full of energy! In those days I am doing tons of castings, and I am deeply inspired by others models' outfits. I simply love them. Even if they have points in common (showing off endless legs and harmonious bodies) they can tell us a bit of the model's personal style. Personally, I love the sweet and sour mix of models in combat boots and nice shirts and light and fine shirts.
I'll post a pic of my outfits asap. New job tomorrow and the day after, as well! And, last but not least, in October I'll start attending the Fashion Styling course in English at IED. I can't wait!! Now I gotta go, later skaters!

PS: for those of you who will be at the VFNO in Milan tomorrow, I'll be working in Via della Spiga 33, at Mercatini Michela, luxury second hand boutique. Come and say hi!


ciao firenze

Hey guys! I am so sorry for the complete lack of new posts but I've been to the seaside for a week and internet was so bad! And now I am in Florence doing an acting workshop with New York Film Academy, so I am very busy all day long with acting classes or practicing. Hope I'll be able to come back posting asap! Anyway I am having a lot of fun and Florence is simply amazing! What a beautiful city, full of amazing shops! I've been to Luisaviaroma yesterday! I could die for the Givenchy Pandora they have and the amazing Rick Owens leather jackets! Unfortunately I am coming back on Saturday but I am pretty sure I'll soon come back here. I really love this place! Aperitifs, dinners, art, shops... The atmosphere in general is really relaxing and nice, even while working hard and focusing on my classes. See y'all! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


jon & dree

Jon Kortajarena & Dree Hemingway by Sebastian Faena for Vogue Turkey July 2011. Amazing editorial.


mugler resort 2012

My favorite looks from Mugler's resort 2012. I am not crazy about it but I found some pieces kinda interesting, such as the particular cut of the white/black leather jacket and the long sleeveless shirt. I would love to have the bra, I like the futuristic attitude. What do you think?