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"I kept saying 'Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me', because I had to get to the catwalk, but she just kept posing. So I pushed her. It was only a few stairs."


versace for H&M

Versace for H&M! I'm pretty excited about this collaboration. Let's hope for something better than the one with Lanvin. The limited edition collection will be available in stores on 17th November and will include man, woman and home furnishings. According to Donatella, there will be some rock and glam, leather, studs and the textures which made the maison famous. "It will be the perfect party collection!" claimed Margherita Van Der Bosch, Versace's creative advisor. 
Not enough? On 19th January 2012 a pre-spring collection will be available only in the countries that have an H&M online store.
For the occasion Donatella wore a leather studded dress from Versace for H&M collection for Man SS 2012 fashion show in Milan, last Monday. I like!


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(Zara blazer, Zara tshirt, Levis Vintage shorts, André shoes, Il Laccio bag) Girls+sushi+cosmopolitan=perfect night This was my outfit. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


celine resort 2012

In love with the Celine resort collection, especially the floreal pants, the oversized structured black jacket and the black pants. Oh, and shoes of course.
pics via carolinesmode



Win a faboulous Jackie Brazil Bracelet, as worn as Beyonce and Alicia Keys!

In Sixties, Carlos Alberto Rezende Sobral was completely into the hippie culture, especially for what concerns fashion: bright and vivid colors with a feeling of joy and happiness. What Carlos wanted to do was to express the same sensations through jewelry. All his line of jewelry is handmade in Brazil, there is no product comparable in the world as each item created is never the same. Beyonce and Alicia Keys have been spotted in Rio for Alicia's new single video "Put in a love song" wearing Jackie Brazil. Wanna win one? It's so easy! 
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3.Cross your fingers till June 30th 2011!
Sorry guys if I am not being regular in posting, but my finals are keeping me so busy. I hope to be done ASAP. And tomorrow I even have a photoshoot! Need some rest!


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coco sumner
Coco Sumner
Rad, radder, raddest. Crazily in love with her rockish, grunge, idontgiveafuck(iamstingsdaughter)style. Thinking about wearing my jean shorts more often, especially with leather jackets and vintage tees. Oh and Docs too.

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When I was told I won this award, Anna Wintour sent me a text message—she actually text messages(!) So she sent me a text message, and it said, “We’re so excited to tell you you won the CFDA fashion icon award”. And I actually thought it was Anna Treblin, who was one of my very close friends and (my stylist) Nicola’s assistant, who I go out and have drinks with all the time. So I have a couple Annas in my phone, so my reply was, “Yes, bitch, we did it!” So quite quickly I got a reply that said, “How lovely, and we will all be waiting to see what you will wear.” And then I thought, “Well won’t you be helping me choose what I will wear?‘ And then I said, “Oh! it’s Anna Wintour.”


balmain mon amour

(Leighton Meester, Kristen Stewart and Mila Kunis in Balmain at MTV Movie Awards)

A little bit out of my league. But I could die for a dress like this! And Kristen looks great in it.
When I realised there were three hotties in Balmain I couldn't help but editing my post. I don't know where to stare at. Which one is your favorite?



Today I am obsessed with David Bowie. I love him and lately it happens that while driving-switching radio channels I hit on his songs. So when I read on nylon that Veda had named her new leather skirts after the fabulous Ziggy Stardust, I couldn't help but blogging about it.
I love the idea of naming the rock'n'roll line after Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix etc... Plus, I have a craving for those leather jackets, especially the Smith (third pic): feel like it would be perfect for me. Looking forward to seeing the collection in stores.