nyfw: alexander wang

Alexander Wang's fashion show has been one of the best of this New York FW (wish I was there!!). He definitely did his job. Here some pics of my favorite outfits from the runway. I adored the asymetric cuts of the jackets, the transparent light wide shirt and furs everywhere, even though I am not a fan of real fur. Mixing that soft knit with the lucid silk and the refined cut of the dress in the first pic was genial. I also enjoyed the relaxed cut of the pants that doesn't affect at all their elegance.
Altogether, I love the minimalist choice of black, white, antique rose and not too many details, but playing on cuts and shapes. 
Much more fun with accessories and shoes: insane shapes (Wang's must when it comes to shoes) metallic materials. In love.

PS: I posted the video because the choice of a gloomy, dark atmosphere and the music, plus all those models crossing the runway apparently with no order combines perfectly with the collection. Enjoy also "Smack my bitch up" by Prodigy, at the end of the video.


st. mark's place

Anything goes when the attitude is right.


inspiration: elle

Beautiful: checked
Perfect body: checked
Amazing hair: checked
Also: stunning style

Loving the rock-chic edge of the tee and the ripped jean. Adoring the black fur. Too bad I can't see the boots.


her morning beauty

Beautiful shoot from the magazine my mum just bought me. Thanks mum.
So simple yet beautiful. Like today. I had to wait for a bus that never arrived. Despite this annoying detail, I was waiting at the bus stop with my iPod playing Neil Young, a golden sunlight behind me and a chilly air. Loved it.