ciao firenze

Hey guys! I am so sorry for the complete lack of new posts but I've been to the seaside for a week and internet was so bad! And now I am in Florence doing an acting workshop with New York Film Academy, so I am very busy all day long with acting classes or practicing. Hope I'll be able to come back posting asap! Anyway I am having a lot of fun and Florence is simply amazing! What a beautiful city, full of amazing shops! I've been to Luisaviaroma yesterday! I could die for the Givenchy Pandora they have and the amazing Rick Owens leather jackets! Unfortunately I am coming back on Saturday but I am pretty sure I'll soon come back here. I really love this place! Aperitifs, dinners, art, shops... The atmosphere in general is really relaxing and nice, even while working hard and focusing on my classes. See y'all! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


jon & dree

Jon Kortajarena & Dree Hemingway by Sebastian Faena for Vogue Turkey July 2011. Amazing editorial.


mugler resort 2012

My favorite looks from Mugler's resort 2012. I am not crazy about it but I found some pieces kinda interesting, such as the particular cut of the white/black leather jacket and the long sleeveless shirt. I would love to have the bra, I like the futuristic attitude. What do you think?


young hollywood

Style Stalker's new lookbook/Model: Alexandra Spencer/Photography: Kimberly Gordon

It's midnight in the City of Angels and while decent citizens sleep the sleep of the righteous, Hollywood lounges are heaving with hard liquore ad the thick smoke of cigars. Outside, street posts cast shadows across the eroded pavement, rain drips from men's trench coats, and the femme fatale lures us into her world of crime and seduction. Appearance is everything. Beauty is a curse. Where decadence is juxtaposed with decaay...things are not what they seem.

Hollywood golden age meeting the vibe of the 90s, a reckless Angel resembling us of Kathryn Hepbourn and Courtney Love. The feeling of being in a Seventies movie, dusty smoky motels, hard sun and empty desolate roads. The wild child is dressed up with breezy bell sleeve dresses, denim cut-offs, lace up leather leggins and trasparent shirts. I'm thinking of Rumi and Erin, I love it.


black leather

Max Mara clutch

Amazing gift for the end of my high school (becoming more and more pleasant!) from my mum's friend, given to me during the cutest dinner ever in my honour. I wanted a black leather cluch with shiny zipper so badly. I love how it opens, the contrast black/gold and the incredible smoothness of the leather.


balmain resort 2012

balmain resort 2012

They always succeed in driving me crazy for the insane beauty of this resort collection. Balmain has a place in my heart and I hope it will have a place in my closet too ASAP. 
Finally! I am over with high school, with the massive amount of frustration, anger and discontentment those years brought to me, succeding in making me weaker and doubtful about my skills and qualities. One sure thing: I will miss my schoolmates as hell! I wasn't that sure because the stress made me kinda untreatable and irritable, but now thinking about all the good moments we shared I am sure they will always be in my heart.
I got too sentimental I know, so let's change it a bit. I am hangover since several hours. Yesterday was crazy but the right way to close a chapter of my life! And today chilling, tanning and relaxing (oh and blogging :D). Later I will join my friends to get to see (at least see, I am way too tired) some clothes (sales sales sales) and drink a cocktail. It's freaking hot so I hope not to get sunburst! Tonight we are heading to lake Como, to spend the night in an amazing club by the lakeside and enjoy our Sunday together. Cheers!