ciao firenze

Hey guys! I am so sorry for the complete lack of new posts but I've been to the seaside for a week and internet was so bad! And now I am in Florence doing an acting workshop with New York Film Academy, so I am very busy all day long with acting classes or practicing. Hope I'll be able to come back posting asap! Anyway I am having a lot of fun and Florence is simply amazing! What a beautiful city, full of amazing shops! I've been to Luisaviaroma yesterday! I could die for the Givenchy Pandora they have and the amazing Rick Owens leather jackets! Unfortunately I am coming back on Saturday but I am pretty sure I'll soon come back here. I really love this place! Aperitifs, dinners, art, shops... The atmosphere in general is really relaxing and nice, even while working hard and focusing on my classes. See y'all! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. It's good you went on holidays darling!
    I went to Florence 4 years ago!I'm in love with Italy...
    I'd love to share a pretty thing with you too! It's about a fashion game for women that I've just found out on FB, called Date Deadline http://apps.facebook.com/date-deadline/ Have fun :) xx

    P.S. your pics are fab!

  2. Yeah? I'm glad you love it! Where are you from? Thanks for sharing, I am gonna check it out :)


  3. acting workshop in florence - great!

  4. Yep! Have you done it too? I love your blog, now following. I love your choice of clothes!