Win a faboulous Jackie Brazil Bracelet, as worn as Beyonce and Alicia Keys!

In Sixties, Carlos Alberto Rezende Sobral was completely into the hippie culture, especially for what concerns fashion: bright and vivid colors with a feeling of joy and happiness. What Carlos wanted to do was to express the same sensations through jewelry. All his line of jewelry is handmade in Brazil, there is no product comparable in the world as each item created is never the same. Beyonce and Alicia Keys have been spotted in Rio for Alicia's new single video "Put in a love song" wearing Jackie Brazil. Wanna win one? It's so easy! 
1. Follow Hipcafè on Bloglovin
2. Go on toffsworld.com and write why you would like to win the bracelet.
3.Cross your fingers till June 30th 2011!
Sorry guys if I am not being regular in posting, but my finals are keeping me so busy. I hope to be done ASAP. And tomorrow I even have a photoshoot! Need some rest!

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