benetton show

Hey guys! How are you? Me, I'm doing well, can't wait for holidays. I love Xmas, and this year I can really feel the magic. Little traditions like shopping in Duomo with mum, the biting cold breeze on the cheeks, the smell of roast chestnuts, the lights, all those different people smiling, laughing, trembling with the cold, with tons of colorful bags.
AND I have to bake the perfect gingerbread cookies. I say it every single year but I've never done it, so this year it's a deal.
Beside my Xmas delirium, here some pics taken backstage at the Benetton show in Treviso some days ago. It had been a very nice experience and I got the chance to meet very nice ppl, yes!
Now getting ready for tonite, Cavalli!

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