new york I love you, but you are bringing me down

2.Financial news
3.Times Square
4.Obama Condoms. I have no idea about this!(http://www.obamacondoms.com/ check this out for more info)
5.Starbucks mon amour! Unfortunately in Italy, there is no Starbucks so when I go to US, I just love to drink some coffee there!
6.Nice bottle!
7.The Horse mounted Unit in the streets of NY have, they have no meaning to me but they are pretty cute.
8.Huge tubes full of M&M's!!They have so many different flavours, peanuts butter, cherry and dark chocolate, mint, nuts...
9.While kissing my boyfriend, a man behind us came and asked us for a chair. I got so scared!
10.Ads ads ads!!!
11.Beautiful Times Square! I'm in love with the place! Somewhere, you must go!
12.You can handle it all, so rock'n'roll!

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  1. damn, you are in new york! i'm very happy for you! enjoy your holiday!!!!